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Motor Vehicle Search
Listing obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles on all vehicles registered in a particular name. A printout is provided with information on ID number, tag number, owner information, etc.

Driving Records Search
Computer printout obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles listing three (3) or seven (7) year driving history on an individual.

Criminal History Search
Information obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in regards to the criminal arrest and conviction information of an individual.

Corporate Information
Computer printout provided by the Secretary of State on corporations and limited partnerships as well as an officer/director search on an individual which will show all corporations and/or limited partnerships an individual is associated with.

UCC Transaction Searched
A printout from the Bureau of Uniform Commercial Code which lists the names of individuals who have secured a loan with collateral.

Vessel/Boat Registration
Registration of all boats that an individual may own in Florida.

Workers' Compensation Search
Includes record of all claims filed from 1968 to present.

Land Ownership Search
A statewide alphabetical listing of all property owned in Florida according to the previous year's tax rolls.

Pre-Employment Background Check I
Includes criminal, workers’ compensation and driving record search on prospective employee.

Pre-Employment Background Check II
Includes criminal, workers’ compensation, driving record, corporate, UCC and SSN trace on prospective employee.

Asset Search
Includes land ownership, vehicles, corporate search, UCC, vessel/boat and aircraft search.

Multiple searches combined to determine the most recent address for an individual.

Social Security Number Search
Lists all names and addresses used with that particular number along with any aliases and employers.

Telephone Number Search
Provides the name of the person listed for a phone number and the listed address.

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