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  1. ULTIMAS NOTICIAS 11/13/90 11/13/90 11/13/90

Latinoamericana de Seguros Group Bought 20,000 More Shares of Banco de Venezuela

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Vice President of Provincial Discards Merger with Banco de Venezuela . . .

Benárdez Denies Castro's Accusations

  1. EL DIARIO 01/10/91

Latinoamericana: Shares of Banco de Venezuela Purchased by Banco Provincial are "Treasury Stock"


Orlando Castro will Present Evidence . . . Orlando Castro will Show Documents Regarding an Accusation for Alleged Money Laundering in Panama

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 02/09/91 02/09/91 02/09/91

Representative Luis Hernández . . . Orlando Castro Accused of Alleged Relations with the Medellín Cartel. The President of the Anti-Drug Commission Showed a Photocopy of a 1983 Letter Allegedly Signed by Pablo Escobar, where the President of Latinoamericana de Seguros is Mentioned.

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 02/12/91

Ministry of Internal Affairs Investigates Accusation Against Orlando Castro

. . . Representative Luis Guillermo Hernández Accuses Castro of Alleged Relations with Columbian Pablo Escobar, Regarding Laundering of Drug Trafficking Money

  1. EL GLOBO 02/14/91

Luis Hernández has Authority to Accuse [Orlando Castro of Alleged Relation with the Medellín Cartel] . . .

  1. EL NACIONAL 02/19/91

With Respect to Money Laundering . . . Castro's Enterprises are also being Investigated in Dominican Republic


Yesterday in Congress . . . Orlando Castro Accuses Elmer Szabo of Forging Document Linking Castro to Drug Trafficking

Orlando Castro Assures . . . Documents Presented to Congress are Forged . . . I Never Met Pablo Escobar and Never had Anything to do with Drugs

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 03/01/91 03/01/91 03/01/91

Special Prosecutor Designated to Investigate Accusation Against Orlando Castro . . . will Investigate Alleged Laundering of Drug Trafficking Money by Orlando Castro Llanes

  1. EL 2001 03/01/91

Through his Attorneys . . . Businessman Orlando Castro Defends Himself in Court

  1. EL DIARIO DE CARACAS 03/01/91 03/01/91 03/01/91

Echeverría Demands Explanations from Castro for Abuses Against him . . .

Former Minister of Justice Juan María Echeverría Sends Letter to the Editor

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 03/05/91

According to the DAS [Columbian Security Administration Department] . . .

Documents Against Orlando Castro were Forged

  1. EL GLOBO 03/06/91 03/06/91 03/06/91

The Castro Case . . . NGD [Political Party] Suggested to Hernández to Reveal Names of Tipsters

  1. ECONOMÍA HOY 03/06/91

Hernández: The Letter is Only One of the Elements . . . Hernández had Accused Orlando Castro of Alleged Links to International Drug Trafficking

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 03/06/91

Congress Investigates Abroad Accusations Against Orlando Castro

  1. PUBLICATION UNKNOWN 03/12/91 03/12/91 03/12/91

Hernández says that the DAS [Columbian Security Administration Department] has not Responded Yet . . . Castro to be Investigated for Tax Evasion

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 03/12/91 03/12/91 03/12/91

He Admitted having Received Money from Orlando Castro . . .

Representative Vladimir Petit is asked to Excuse himself from the Orlando Castro Case

  1. EL NACIONAL 03/12/91

Luis Hernandez Lies in the Orlando Castro Case


Orlando Castro Requests the National Securities Commission to Suspend the Shareholders' Meeting of Fivenez

  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 03/25/91 03/25/91 03/25/91

Orlando Castro Declares in the Court that Investigates the Lamaletto Case

  1. EL DIARIO DE CARACAS 05/02/91

Opinion Poll Conducted by Mercanálisis . . . The Most Prominent Businessmen of Venezuela . . . The 12 Most Prominent Businessmen of Venezuela with Respect to their Contribution to Employees, Community and Country, and for their High Profile in Public Opinion . . . [Orlando Castro Appears in Eigth Place]

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  1. REPORTE DE LA ECONOMÍA 04/26/93 04/26/93 04/26/93

Growing Expectations Regarding Shareholders' Meeting of Banco de Venezuela to be Held Tomorrow . . . Complaint Filed by Orlando Castro Against the Board of Directors will not Affect the Shareholders' Meeting

  1. REPORTE DE LA ECONOMÍA 04/28/93 04/28/93 04/28/93

For the First Time in Three Years Banco de Venezuela Holds a Shareholders' Meeting and is now Under Control of Banco Consolidado . . . Banco de Venezuela Consolidated . . . Board of Directors Formed by Carlos Ernesto Stelling . . . Orlando Castro Llanes [and Others]

  1. EL CAPITAL 05/02/93 05/02/93 05/02/93

Castro Getting Revenge . . .

Castro Sits on the Board of Directors of Banco de Venezuela for the First Time

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 10/13/93 10/13/93 10/13/93

Accusations of Orlando Castro Against Carlos Bernárdez have no Direct Relation with Terrorist Aggressions

  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 10/13/93 10/13/93 10/13/93

Orlando Castro Failed with [his Accusations Regarding] the Car Bombs . . . Castro's Accusations Regarding the Car Bombs are not Taken Seriously

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 10/13/93 10/13/93 10/13/93

The Minister of Justice says . . . Until now Castro and Bernárdez are not Implicated in Terrorism . . . they were Summoned as Witnesses Regarding Statements by Orlando Castro

  1. EL NACIONAL 10/22/93

Fernández Daló Denies that Halvorssen gave him Information to be Investigated

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 10/26/93 10/26/93 10/26/93

New York District Attorney Vouches for Thor Halvorssen's Honesty

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  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 01/26/94 01/26/94 01/26/94

Thor Halvorssen sues Orlando Castro for US$4 Million in the U.S.

  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 03/05/94 03/05/94 03/05/94

Thor Halvorssen Denounces having been Tortured by a Son of Orlando Castro within the Technical Judicial Police

  1. REPORTE DE LA ECONOMÍA 04/13/94 04/13/94 04/13/94

Pact of Faith in the Country . . .

Orlando Castro Believes in Venezuela, in Optimist Messages and Promissory Future

  1. EL NACIONAL 07/02/94 07/02/94 07/02/94

Arrests and Residential Searches Continue . . . Orlando Castro's Residence is Searched

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 08/10/94

Communiqué from the Financial Emergency Board . . . FOGADE [Deposit Guaranty Fund] Takes Over the Consolidado, Progreso and República Banks

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 08/17/94 08/17/94 08/17/94

Orlando Castro in the Media Commission . . .

Our Radio Stations are in Good Standing and Maintain an Independent Line

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 12/15/94

Business Sector Fears a Total Nationalization of Banking . . .

Fedecámaras: A Run by Official Depositors Led to the Fall of Latinoamericana Group

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 12/17/94

Withdrawal of Official Deposits Caused the Fall of Banco Progreso

  1. EL NACIONAL 12/18/94 12/18/94 12/18/94

The Superintendent of Banks Should Know . . . Massive Withdrawal of Government Deposits Caused the Fall of Banco Progreso and the Latinoamericana Group

  1. EL NACIONAL 12/19/94 12/19/94 12/19/94

Antonio Ledezma says . . .

Withdrawal of Funds by the Government Resulted in Crisis of Banco Progreso

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  1. EL NACIONAL 01/19/95 01/19/95 01/19/95

The Finger Pointers were Fired . . . They Accused FOGADE's [Deposit Guaranty Fund] Counsel of Forging Minutes of Banco Progreso

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 01/24/95

In the 48th Criminal Court . . . Judge Invites Castro to Present his Evidence

  1. EL NUEVO HERALD 03/24/95 03/24/95 03/24/95

The Banker who Obtained Assylum Twice . . . Castro had Financial Empire with 13,000 Employees and Two Jets . . . now, he lives in his Son's Apartment in Key Biscayne

  1. THE MIAMI HERALD 03/24/95 03/24/95 03/24/95

From Crumbling Empire, Banker Retreats to Miami

  1. THE MIAMI HERALD 03/26/95 03/26/95 03/26/95

A Year Later, Venezuelan Banker still on the Run . . . Financial Crisis Cost $7 Billion . . . Rafael Caldera, Venezuela's President Refers to Some of the Fugitive Bankers as Thieves . . . Orlando Castro, Owner of the Seized Banco Progreso now lives in Key Biscayne

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/12/95 04/12/95 04/12/95

Venezuelan Consulates Rejected Documents of Fugitive Bankers . . .

Powers of Attorney Requested by Orlando Castro and Others were Rejected

  1. REPORTE DE LA ECONOMÍA 06/09/95 06/09/95 06/09/95

Confidential Report . . . Orlando Castro is a Fad that is Already Gone

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  1. REPORTE DE LA ECONOMIA 02/12/96 02/12/96 02/12/96

"Ghost" Appraisals Received by FOGADE [Deposit Guaranty Fund] to Grant 40 Billion [Bolivars] to Latinoamericana Progreso Group . . . Neither FOGADE nor Banco Industrial Verified the Status of Guarantees Given by Orlando Castro

  1. EL 2001 03/12/96 03/12/96 03/12/96

Goes In and Out of Country at will . . . 24th [Banking] Criminal Court Judge Ordered the Technical Judicial Police to Capture Orlando Castro

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/06/96 04/06/96 04/06/96

Arrested in Miami since Last Wednesday . . .

Orlando Castro, his Son and Grandson Accused in New York of US$55 Million Fraud

Castro's Fame Grew with "Here I am and here I Stay"

Manhattan Government Attorney Appreciated Cooperation from Venezuelan Government

Castro Laundered Money through Banco Progreso de Venezuela

Venezuela to Request Castro's Extradition

Castro's Arrest made his Accomplices Tremble . . .

The World of the Untouchables Begins to Wobble: Thor Halvorssen

The Castros' Fraud in the U.S. Amounts to US$3 Billion, says People's Attorney

According to Miraflores Sources . . .

Prompt Punishment for the Rest of the Fugitive Bankers to be Sought

Statements from New York . . . "We'll Demand Orlando Castro to Reimburse what he took away from us," says Attorney General . . . Attorney General says Proceedings Against Banker will take place in the U.S.

Attorney General to Return Tomorrow from New York

Banking Judge Irma Mansilla Olivo says . . . Warrant of Arrest Against Castro and his Son in Venezuela does not Allow Release on Bond

"Here he would be Free Immediately . . . "

The Best for Venezuela is that Castro be Tried in the U.S., says Causa R [Political Party]

[Former President] Pérez Denies Links to Orlando Castro

If Orlando Castro is Condemned in the U.S., it would be Costly and Useless to Bring him here

Arrest of Orlando Castro in the U.S. Well Received in Financial Sector

Thor Halvorssen: "His Arrest Makes his Accomplices Tremble" . . .

Orlando Castro Fell - the First of the Untouchables

And he Fell where he had Sought Refuge . . .

Investigation that Places Orlando Castro on Defendant's Seat took One Year

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/06/96 04/06/96 04/06/96

The Capture of a Fugitive Banker . . .

Investigation Continues Following the "Narco-Laundering" Clue . . .

Fugitive Bankers are on the Lookout due to Orlando Castro's Process

[President] Caldera Talked with Morgenthau

"Follow the Example" [Regarding Castro's Arrest in the U.S.]

Extradition [Castro's] Soon

[Send Castro] "To the Catia Detention Center"

[Former President] Pérez Denies Link with Castro

Government Attorney Participated [in Castro's Arrest in the U.S.]

"Discretion Allows us to Accomplish Something" [Regarding Castro's Arrest]

  1. EL GLOBO 04/06/96 04/06/96 04/06/96

Orlando Castro may be Given a 25-year Sentence . . .

Venezuelan Justice Failed, so we Resorted to the U.S.

Enthusiasm in the Country . . . Political Leaders Celebrate Castro's Arrest in the U.S.

Orlando Castro is there . . . will he Remain there? . . . Financial Empire Fell Noisily

U.S. Justice is Contemplating . . . 25-year Jail Term for Orlando Castro . . .

Petit Da Costa: Venezuelan Justice Failed, so we Resorted to the U.S. . . .

A Financial Empire of Incalculable Size that took him 30 Years to Build has Fallen . . . The Attorney General of the Republic, Jesús Petit Da Costa, said that Venezuela cannot Stand Further Impunity. In Addition to Orlando Castro, his Son and Grandson were Arrested . . . Joy in Venezuelan Political Circles for Castro's Arrest

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/06/96 04/06/96 04/06/96

Castro may Receive a 25-year Jail Sentence in New York

Venezuela will not Request Castro's Extradition

Congratulates Petit Da Costa on his Work . . .

Political Sector Celebrates Orlando Castro's Arrest

[Former President] Pérez: "U.S. Justice has been More Efficient than Ours" . . .

Former President Carlos Andrés Pérez did not Discard the Possibility that Castro's Arrest in the U.S. be Used as a Circus by the [Venezuelan] Government

The Wreck of [Banco] Progreso

He may Remain in Jail in New York for the Rest of his Life . . . Venezuela will not Request Orlando Castro's Extradition . . . Miami Consulate Denies that Venezuelan Government Manipulated Manhattan Government Attorney

Banker Allegedly Laundered U.S. $3 Billion in the U.S.

  1. EL GLOBO 04/07/96

People's Attorney Iván Darío Badell . . .

Petit Da Costa [Attorney General] has no Legal Power in Proceedings Against Castro

Attorney General Returns, Grateful to the U.S. . . . Venezuela will Participate in Legal Action Against Orlando Castro

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/07/96 04/07/96 04/07/96

The Capture of a Fugitive Banker . . . Attorney General Petit Emphasized Urgency of Proceedings . . . Extradition has to be Processed within 18 Days

"He [Attorney General] has no Business there [in Castro's Extradition]"

"I [Attorney General] went there [NewYork] because I was Invited"

Halvorssen is Confident Regarding Evidence . . .

says that more "Untouchables" will be Jailed

González Urdaneta . . . Commissioner is Confident about Coming Extradition

Copei [Political Party] Leaders say . . .

"Politicization of Banking is the Center of the Problem"

New York Government Attorney wants to Expedite the Proceedings . . .

Venezuela has 18 Days to Request Castro's Extradition

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/07/96 04/07/96 04/07/96

Attorney General says: "I don't want to Argue with People's Attorney - what is Important is that the Castros are in Jail"

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/07/96 04/07/96 04/07/96

People's Anger to Burn the Cabinet "Judas" Today [Ministers Burned in Effigy for Orlando Castro's Case]

The Petrified Forest . . . Signals in the Sky [Repercussions of Orlando Castro's Case] [Castro's picture]

People's Attorney and Attorney General brought Face to Face

Petit Da Costa Upon Return from New York . . . Venezuela to Participate in Legal Action to Claim Back what they [Castros] took with them

People's Attorney, Iván Darío Badell . . .

Castro shall be Extradited when he Serves his Sentence in the U.S.

More Surprises Against the Fugitive Bankers . . . Arrest of Orlando Castro brings People's Attorney and Attorney General Face to Face

  1. DAILY JOURNAL 04/07/96 04/07/96 04/07/96

Venezuela Moves to Recover Depositors' Millions

  1. EL NUEVO HERALD 04/07/96 04/07/96 04/07/96

Venezuela will Participate in Proceeding Against Banker [Castro] in New York

  1. EL NUEVO HERALD 04/08/96

Financier's Arrest Alarms Exiled Venezuelan Bankers

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/08/96 04/08/96 04/08/96

There are and there were no Impediments for Extradition . . .

Venezuela could have Filed Legal Action [in the U.S.] Against Castro

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Alcalay . . . "There was Effective Cooperation"

There are Sufficient Bases for Extradition

"Cleanup the Judicial Power"

"Controversy [Regarding Castro's Extradition] is Useless"

This Week to be Decided in the U.S. Whether to File Legal Action Against Former Executives of [Banco] LATINO

Castro was Investigated During [Former President] Pérez' Administration

Interior Policy Commission will Hold Hearing on Confrontation Between People's Attorney and Attorney General

Legal Action Continues in Miami . . . Two Million Dollars Recovered by Venezuela in Action Against Former Executives of [Banco] LATINO

  1. NUEVO PAÍS 04/08/96

Orlando Castro will be in Jail for the Rest of his Life

  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 04/08/96

Extradition comes under the Jurisdiction of Both to the Attorney General and the People's Attorney

  1. EL 2001 04/08/96

Venezuela Racing Against the Clock to Extradite him [Orlando Castro] . . .

Castro was Front Man for Drug Trafficker Pablo Escobar . . .

Accused of Stealing over One Billion Dollars

  1. EL MUNDO 04/08/96

Attorney General Jesús Petit Da Costa:

Orlando Castro has to be Tried in New York and not in Venezuela

Orlando Castro held in Miami Jail . . .

Venezuelan Government Requested the State Department for his Extradition

Orlando Castro's Empire Defied all Financial Laws . . . Father, Son and Grandson are now in Jail in Miami Accused of "Defrauding" Customers of a Bank Controlled by the Family in Puerto Rico

[Former President] Pérez Denies Links with Jailed Banker [Orlando Castro]

Venezuela Prepares Evidence for Extradition

Alternatives of Orlando Castro:

In the U.S.: 25 Years Behind Bars; in Venezuela: House Arrest

"In God We Trust" Orlando Castro was caught in the U.S. for a Lie

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/08/96

Orlando Castro Burned in Effigy more than Anyone Else . . . [President] Caldera will Listen Today to Attorney General and People's Attorney Regarding Castro's Imprisonment . . . "No one will Laugh at Venezuela", the President said.

The Government is Processing 28 Extradition Requests.

  1. DAILY JOURNAL 04/08/96

Arrest of Orlando Castro Marks First Blow Against Fugitive Bankers . . .

Behind Bars - at Last

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/08/96

Route of Castro's Money

The Country Fails to Understand Petit-Badell Controversy [on Castro's Extradition]

Venezuela could have Filed Legal Action Against Castro . . .

There were no Impediments to Attempt Extradition


Arrest of Orlando Castro may Expedite Investigation for Money Laundering in Venezuela


Former President Carlos Andrés Pérez: The Government has Some Guilt in the Orlando Castro Case . . . This Administration has Managed the Financial Crisis in an Irresponsible and Fraudulent Manner

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/09/96

Orlando Castro, his Son and Grandson will Continue Jailed in the U.S. while People's Attorney and Attorney General Continue Controversy Regarding their Respective Authorities

Complaint Against the Current President of Banco de Venezuela Regarding Banco Progreso Case is Admitted . . . FOGADE [Deposit Guaranty Fund] and Salomon Brothers Analyze Sale of Banco de Venezuela

Kleber: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not Extradite - Only Files the Petition

FOGADE [Deposit Guaranty Fund] and Salomon Brothers Analyze Sale of Banco de Venezuela

Orlando Castro should not be Extradited, says the Congress President Fernández Daló . . . says that in 1992 he Denounced the Banker [Orlando Castro] Held in Miami for Money Laundering, Pursuant to an Investigation then being Conducted in the U.S.

Representative Carlos Melo:

A Corruption Triangle Permitted the Activities of Orlando Castro in Venezuela

Remos Allup: "It's a Shame that the U.S. and not Venezuela Arrested Orlando Castro"

Convergencia [Political Party] asks Congress to Expedite Reform of Judicial Power . . .

Castro must be Tried in the U.S.

People's Attorney and Attorney General should Concentrate in Recovering Millions Taken Away by Orlando Castro

Debate between People's Attorney and Attorney General causes Confusion and Distrust in Justice Circles

Charges Filed Against Current President of Banco de Venezuela Regarding Banco Progreso Case are Admitted

Judge Irma Mansilla Olivo started Modification of Petition for Orlando Castro's Extradition

Bankers Assure that U.S. and Venezuela Entered into an Agreement to Extradite them . . . Venezuelan Bankers in Miami are Scared Stiff . . . [Picture] Banker Orlando Castro Awaits his Transfer from a Miami Jail to New York, where he will be Prosecuted

  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 04/09/96

Controversy Between People's Attorney and Attorney General Regarding Orlando Castro's Case is Useless

Péndulo . . . [Feature Article on Orlando Castro]

Venezuela will Insist on Orlando Castro's Extradition

Orlando Castro will be Tried also for Perjury in the U.S.

Fedecámaras Favors Castro's Extradition

Copei [Political Party] to the Government:

Social Measures must be Efficient and Transparent . . . Donald Ramirez also Referred to the Arrest of Orlando Castro, Assuring that Venezuela is Interested Primarily in Recovering the Money he Took with Him

Causa R [Political Party]:

It is Preferable to bring Castro [to Venezuela] than to Leave him in Miami

Convergencia [Political Party] Clarifies: Congress cannot Open Investigation on People's Attorney - Attorney General Impasse Regarding Castro

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/09/96

Four Folk Singers give their Opinions on Orlando Castro

Cristóbal Fernández Daló . . .

Today Some Regret their Relationship with Orlando Castro

The Attorney General . . .

Money for which Castro is being Tried Belongs to Venezuela

Castro was Investigated at the Beginning of the Decade . . .

DEA has never Implicated him in Money Laundering

Including more Recent Charges . . .

Extradition Petition of Former Banker [Orlando Castro] to be Reformulated

Castro was Investigated at the Beginning of the Decade . . .

DEA has never Indicted him for Money Laundering

The Law is Soft but it is the Law . . .

[Judge Irma Mansilla Speaks on Orlando Castro's Extradition]

Petit v. Badell: Inexcusable Fight [Regarding Competence of Castro's Extradition]

Donald Ramírez . . . What is Important is that Castro Return the Money to the Country

Henry Ramos Allup . . . Arrest of Former Banker [Orlando Castro] did not Result from Measures Taken by Venezuelan Authorities

Oswaldo Álvarez Paz . . . Attorney General should not Promise Impossible Results

Leopoldo Puchi . . . Castro must be Tried in Caracas, Although there is Distrust Regarding our Judicial Power, we Cannot Waive that Right

  1. EL 2001 04/09/96

Ministry of Justice Awaits New Request to Extradite Orlando Castro

Attorney General: They want to bring Orlando Castro in order to Deceive the U.S. Justice . . . Political and Judicial Complicity Facilitate Bankers' Impunity

Henry Ramos Allup:

Castro must be brought to be Tried for Crimes Committed in this Country

Donald Ramírez:

More than Extraditing Castro, Venezuela Needs to Recover its Money

The Congress President: Satisfied with Capture of Fugitive Mafioso

As in the Case of Banco Latino . . . [Banco] Progreso's Control Board could Accuse Orlando Castro Before U.S. Justice Authorities

FOGADE [Deposit Guaranty Fund] Seeks to Recover what Castro took Out . . .

A Company of [Banco] Progreso Group to be Sold Next Week for Bs. 3.5 Billion

Because it is not in the Best Interest of the Republic . . .

Supreme Court President Criticizes Debate between Attorney General and People's Attorney [Regarding Castro's Extradition]

Because it is a Federal Crime he [Orlando Castro] will Remain in the U.S. . . .

Bandit Castro shall not be Extradited . . . Accomplices of the Mafioso will be Unmasked, said the Attorney General

Confrontation between Attorney General and People's Attorney Harms the Country's Image

Donald Ramírez . . . More than bringing Castro we Need to Recover the People's Money

  1. EL GLOBO 04/09/96

The 24th Banking Criminal Court . . .

Second Petition for Extradition of Orlando Castro to be Requested

Extradition of [Banco de la] Construcción Executives Requested

Copei [Political Party] Considers Ridiculous to Extradite Orlando Castro . . .

Donald Ramírez Considers that the Controversy Between People's Attorney and Attorney General Regarding their Respective Authorities on the Possible Extradition of Castro is Embarrassing

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Awaits Docket in order to Proceed . . .

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not Pursuing Extradition Against Cuban-Venezuelan Banker [Orlando Castro]

Minister of Justice . . . The State Intends to Extradite Castro

Orlando Contreras Pulido . . . Venezuela did not take part in Castro's Arrest


Castro's Extradition to Venezuela will Prosper if he is not Transferred [from Miami to New York]


President of Congress Warns that Other Banks now Nationalized Also Received Drug-Trafficking Deposits . . . Cristóbal Fernández Daló Reminded us that 133 Account Holders of Venezuelan Banks were Investigated in the U.S.

  1. ECONOMÍA HOY 04/09/96

Ministry of Justice Willing to Expedite Castro's Extradition

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/09/96

Pending in Venezuelan Courts . . .

Money Laundering Investigation Against Orlando Castro

Minister of Foreign Affairs Burelli Rivas . . .

"[Orlando Castro's] Extradition Petition shall be Presented to the U.S. Before May"

Legal Action Against Castro will Continue in Venezuela . . .

Reformation of Extradition Petition to be Completed in Two Days

Extradition of Former Banker [Orlando Castro] . . .

File Translated into English

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/10/96

Attorney General Investigated the Accounts of Orlando Castro in Five Countries

Other Swindles [Attributed to the Castro Family]

Still no Evidence Compromising Castro . . .

[Venezuela] Court Waiting for U.S. Reports Regarding Alleged Money Laundering

The Castro of Discord . . . The Arrest of Orlando Castro, the "Golden Little Cuban"

Joaquín Chafardett - Head of Investigating Team . . .

People's Attorney Investigated the Accounts of Orlando Castro in Five Countries

Chacón - The System must be Reformulated . . . Salvaguarda [Higher Court for the Protection of State Property] has Pronounced Sentence Against 102 Former Bankers

There is no Evidence yet Implicating Castro . . .

Court Waiting for Reports from the U.S. Regarding Alleged Money Laundering

To the People's Attorney and the Attorney General . . . [President] Caldera asked them to put an End to Controversy Over the Orlando Castro Case

Alcalay: Castro's Arrest was a Success for Venezuela

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/10/96

Joaquin Chafardett: "What Worked for Castro may Work for Other Bankers"

. . . The Attorney General Commissioner says he Delivered in the U.S. Evidence Against Orlando Castro, which Facilitated the Investigation by New York's Government Attorney

Fugitive in the U.S. . . . It is a Good Investment to Prosecute the Bankers

Joaquín Chafardett: "I would become a Spy in order to Jail the Fugitive Bankers" . . . The Attorney General Commissioner Delivered Evidence in the U.S. Against Orlando Castro and his Illicit Financial Operations

The Document that Sent him to Jail . . . Sworn Statements of Orlando Castro's Assets

President Caldera Requests . . .

"The People's Attorney and the Attorney General must Understand Each Other"

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/10/96

With [President] Caldera as Witness, People's Attorney and Attorney General Smoke the Peace Pipe . . . The Meeting was Arranged by the President, who Urged them not to Debate Over Such a Complex Matter [the Orlando Castro Case]

Venezuela and the U.S. Track Orlando Castro's Money

Judge Irma Mansilla Appoints Public Defenders for Orlando Castro and Son

Salvaguarda [Higher Court for the Protection of State Property] has Confirmed 205 Warrants of Arrest for Bankers

Judge 24 of Banking Criminal Court asks Supreme Court for Extradition of Orlando Castro and Son

88 Warrants of Arrest Issuedby Judge Irma Mansilla Against Bankers

  1. EL 2001 04/10/96

Arístides Beaujón . . .

It is False that the Supreme Court has Requested Extradition of Orlando Castro

Including Charges by Salvaguarda [Higher Courtfor the Protection of State Property] . . .

24th [Banking] Criminal Judge Sends Today to Supreme Court a Petition for Castro's Extradition

The Only Person Arrested for the Latinoamericana Progreso Group Financial Scandal is the Former Vice President of the Group

  1. EL GLOBO 04/10/96

The 24th Banking Criminal Court. . .

Reformulated Petition for Extradition of the Castros Sent

Orlando Castro: The Packaged Fugitive

  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 04/10/96

Orlando Castro Desperate to be Rescued from the Implacable New York Judges

Secret Meeting Roosen-Martinó brought about by Castro's Fall . . . The Personalities that Jointly with Norys Aguirre gave Orlando Castro the Enormous Sum of 113 Billion Bolivars, Consider the Impact that the Arrest of the Famous Financial Scoundrel will have on Them

President Caldera Reprimanded Attorney General and People's Attorney . . .

The Debate Between the Attorney General and the People's Attorney Regarding the Arrest of Orlando Castro was Terminated by President Rafael Caldera

Evidence for Extradition of Orlando Castro Junior is Gathered


24th [Banking Criminal] Court Sending to Supreme Court a Reformulated Petition for Orlando Castro's Extradition . . . Attached to the Petition is New Decision Pronounced Against the Former Banker

  1. ZETA 04/11/96

Castro to "Retén de Catia" [Common Jail] in New York

How did Castro Enter the U.S.

How to Recover Castro's Assets

Life and Miracles of Orlando Castro

EL UNIVERSAL 04/11/96 04/11/96 04/11/96

Extradition Petition going to the Supreme Court Today . . .

Public Defenders Appointed for the Accused in Banco Progreso Case

Resolution by the Judicial System . . .

The Competence of Banking Criminal Court is Extended

  1. ZETA 04/11/96

Two Weeks After this Picture was taken, Castro was Escaping from the Country Together with the [Government] "Assistance" he had Just Received

They said . . . "He [Orlando Castro] didn't Steal Any Money, he Only Borrowed Money from Another Bank" . . . Richard Sharpstein, Defense Counsel for Orlando Castro

  1. EL NUEVO HERALD 04/11/96

Authorites Cooperate to Prosecute Banker . . . Dominican Judicial Authorities Cooperated with the U.S. Government for the Capture of Cuban-Venezuelan Banker Orlando Castro

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/11/96

It [Petition for Orlando Castro's Extradition] should be in the U.S. Before May 3 . . .

Eleven Expert Testimonies Support new Petition for Castro's Extradition

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/12/96

Jursists Agree . . . Useless and Unnecessary to Request Castro's Extradition now

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/12/96

Depositors of Banco Progreso-Puerto Rico . . .

Request that Legal Action Against Castro Remain in the U.S.

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/12/96

Depositors of Banco Progreso Internacional Request Legal Assistance from Attorney General

Two Supercops (Hunter Type) Dismantle Orlando Castro Llanes' Scheme in Puerto Rico

  1. EL GLOBO 04/12/96

The Government has Responsibility in Financial Assistance to Castro

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/13/96 04/13/96 04/13/96

24th Banking Criminal Court Judge Announced . . .

Request for Extradition of Orlando Castro and Son Sent to the Court

Comptroller Roche Lander . . . Castro to be Extradited to New York

  1. EL GLOBO 04/13/96

Supreme Court to Determine Whether it is in Order . . .

Petition for Castro's Extradition Sent

  1. THE MIAMI HERALD 04/14/96

Nothing comes Clean in Laundering Case . . .

Lawyer will Fight New York's Right to Prosecute

The Troubles of Orlando Castro

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/14/96 04/14/96 04/14/96

Jesús Petit Da Costa . . . Orlando Castro in Venezuela would be a Second Pérez and a Second Ahumada . . . It is to Castro's Advantage to be Extradited to Venezuela

Bank Owners and Bank Executives

Former President of Congress' Anti-Drug Commission . . . The Representative who Denounced Orlando Castro for Money Laundering will Accuse him in New York

  1. EL NUEVO HERALD 04/15/96

Castro: Shrewd Swindler or Victim of Revenge? . . .

Venezuelan Banker says he is the Victim of a Revenge

  1. ELITE 04/16/96

Story of a Man in Search of Fame, Glory and Money . . . The Secrets of Orlando Castro

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/16/96

Is it Worthwhile to Extradite Castro?

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/16/96

The Accused Appeared Before a Dade County Judge . . .

Hearing in Miami to Extradite Castro to be Done Sooner

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/17/96

Even if Extradition to New York is Denied . . .

Orlando Castro Llanes would not Recover Full Freedom

With his Feet Shackled [Orlando Castro in Miami Jail]

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 04/17/96

Castro's Attorney in Venezuela . . .

Orlando Castro, his Son and his Grandson are Chained in Miami Jail


Orlando Castro Llanes' Attorney Wishes that Venezuela Requests her Client's Extradition

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/27/96

Till Next Tuesday . . .

Florida Judge Postpones Decision Regarding Orlando Castro's Extradition

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/27/96

Hearing was Postponed . . . Case of Orlando Castro Llanes to be Decided next Friday . . . Miami District Court Decided to Postpone the Decision

Next Friday to be Decided in Florida . . . Last Week for Castro's Extradition

  1. EL VENEZOLANO 04/30/96

I'm Innocent . . .

So Declares Orlando Castro from his Detention Center in Downtown Miami

  1. EL NUEVO PAÍS 04/30/96

Attorney General Prefers that Castro be Left in the U.S.

  1. EL NACIONAL 04/30/96

Attorney General Petit Da Costa . . .

Orlando Castro's Extradition to New York Delayed by Maneuvers

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 04/30/96

Fugitive Bankers and Influential Businessmen . . .

Forming a Common Fund to Pay for Castro's Defense

1 9 9 7


Orlando Castro Llanes: the Last Emperor


New York Court Condemns Banker Orlando Castro

  1. EL UNIVERSAL 02/20/97

New York Jury Finds All Three Castros Guilty

  1. EL NACIONAL 02/20/97

The Trial in New York . . .

Orlando Castro, his Son and Grandson Declared Guilty of Fraud

  1. ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS 02/20/97

The Castros Found Guilty of all Charges in New York . . . Petit Da Costa Accused Minister Aguiar and the Miraflores Legal Counsel of Obstructing Bankers' Extradition

  1. QUINTO DÍA 02/28/97

"A Must See" . . . The Orlando Castro Show

  1. EL MUNDO 09/24/97

Although it is Preferable that he Returns on his Own . . .

Agreement to Bring Orlando Castro here Upon his Release


Richard L. Ashenoff

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