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Verification of credentials and general background on a prospective or current employee is critical. Basing a personnel decision on a fraudulent resume or skilled inter-viewing techniques can be quite costly. The Department of Commerce reports that businesses suffer $40 billion annually in direct losses as a result of employee theft. In addition, it is estimated that $100 billion is lost yearly in time theft, including employee misconduct such as unjustified sick days, late arrivals, and the conducting of personal business on company time. It is even more important to ensure the integrity of employees now that employers are facing negligent hiring and retention litigation more often, and are bound by state and federal securities law and corporations' codes. It is well-known that many individuals involved in narcotics, organized crime or fraudulent activities have the expertise to construct a personal or financial profile that will withstand usual scrutiny.

ASHENOFF AND ASSOCIATES’ pre employment & credential screening services includes a due diligence investigation and, it desired, an in-depth inquiry into the candidate's previous job performance, behavior patterns, job related drug or alcohol abuse, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, general suitability, and salary (if available).

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